Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Wednesday 14th of december

I haven't written in quite some time due to my head being all over the place.

I am currently back in Barrow for the time being due to London stresses and also family stresses.
Being in this gap year is hard... Too much time to think which causes too much time to dishearten my dreams and put myself into a state of depression. Which unfortunately has happened.

I am amongst the thousands of people on 'Anti-depressants' and I'm not ashamed to tell people this, whether the medication is a placebo who knows? But at this moment in time the doctors believe its the best medicine for my 'condition'.

Practising my monologues is hard to do , finding the motivation to get myself out of bed is hard enough...
But I believe if I put that effort into it I can become an excellent actress. I have the ambition somewhere and my personality will get me through one way or another.

Basically what I am trying to say is that depression is a major draw back on life and on everything happening around you but somehow, whatever helps you get out of this, you need to find it and fast enough for things to happen to you, good things, excellent things.
I am yet to find that but hopefully keeping in touch with the outside world via this blog will help my stability and get my routine of life back!

Comment if you have ever had problems of depression and have any tips !