Friday, 16 December 2011


Woke up today, it was snowing !

A nice yet surprising turn of events, I thought it would stop the day from taking place but then I thought what a great opportunity to take some awesome pictures!

Woke up and got the jobs done that needed to be done, went for lunch and then whilst at the local hospital I took some snowy pictures... thought it might help me get into the Christmas spirit I am still lacking...

However now I have money I can focus on getting all the presents I still need to buy and making the day as thoughtful as possible. Looks like I will be staying in my home town for Christmas and spend it with my boyfriend and his family.
However sad it may seem this excites me so much more than travelling back to London. Having that perfect day where everyone is happy and excited to be around each other. Even just saying this puts a massive smile on my face. Guilt plays on my mind for my mother and sister being in London and I am here , but I feel this is better for me.

On another topic I was thinking about acting and how to practice. Everyday we act, whether its putting a face on for a new acquittance or for a situation like a new birth or death. Emotions source everything we do including acting out a scene. 'Emotional memory' is an important aspect of acting out a role well, we can tap into this by accessing scenes where that emotion took place. Doing this can enable us to act the part so convincingly that nobody can tell the difference between acting and reality.

Anyway enough of the boring acting analysis for today, I hope everyone had a fun day today!

If anyone has an insight into acting I would love for them to share it with me!

Also , the pictures I took are in the photography slideshow above my posts   ^ take a peek.

Ciao guys!