Wednesday, 26 October 2011

The 26th of October 2011

Two days after my 19th birthday and things look just as bleak as the day before.
Let me tell you a little bit about myself...
I'm 19 and currently living in London, I say currently because I have recently moved here with my mother and sister to pursue the 'Ideal' career, which changed from opera singer to actress within the short few weeks I was here.
My mother and I haven't always seen eye to eye, but as i'm told that is the norm between mother and daughter! Too alike i've been told.... we'll see.
Anyway, my day consisted of a trip to Highgate Woods with my current boyfriend of 2 months who lives in my old location hundreds of miles away. But he came to London for 2 weeks.
We sat and ate whilst gazing at the high tree tops and fallen leaves whilst I pulled a classic poetry collection book from my bag, I tell myself I'm a silly romantic and a misleading intellectual because I hardly ever read poetry, though I read many fictional books.
But I suppose their is no test for intellect... only intelligence and memory storage, exams.. what a royal pain in the arse.
We walk along through the forest and have a revelation, we do not need to be restricted to High gate why don't we make a speedy irrational decision to go to the Natural History Museum ... exciting! 
We took the exciting journey of getting there, having a few mishaps and wrong turns. But when we get their a cue a mile long greeted us. I forgot the children were off school, bugger.
When the eventuality of the doors reached us the initially amazement wore off in under a second and we were left with the chaos and screaming that lay within. And then the long sweaty tiring journey home.
I suppose the moral of this little story is that the ideal did not match with reality AS USUAL!

Off to bed I'm exhausted...  Ciao Bella