Monday, 19 December 2011

19th of December 2011

Well its nearing Christmas time once again , this year has gone too fast!  It's hard to believe I got my A-level results this year and now I'm bored and jobless! Hooray.

Again I have 0 money , but I'm decisively happy at the moment anyway. No idea why...
No money, No family , No cards and I'm expecting no presents, but you know, I have my life and all that jazz...

Back to a cheerier note... Oh wait never mind !

Determined like everyone else to start fresh this new year... I obviously say this every year and nothing comes about ! But getting me and my life back on track needs to be done!
Starting this blog was one thing I did to get my routine back , and so far I have updated nearly everyday which is a massive start for me!
As the book on 'solving depression' said you need to do things 'step by step' and 'little by little' , one way to feel patronised ? That is a major pet hate of mine , feeling patronised or made to feel stupid...
I didn't get the best ever A-level results mainly due to personal issues happening outside of college, but I do not believe I am in the 70+% of people on job seekers who have no chance of getting a job because of their lack of common knowledge and lets face it common sense.
Intelligence and Intellect are judged in different ways according to the person and their educated background and hobbies outside there academic career.

Anyway rant over; in simple terms I hate being called stupid because I am not!