Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing day

Well I haven't posted in a few days... Been either busy or too down!

These last few days have given me a revelation that my family are actually pathetic, I don't have much of one at all... My dad seems to have a grudge against me and my mum thinks I do most things wrong.

But why do I still care about them ? It's ridiculous I wish you could turn emotion on and off, life would be ten times easier.

Anyway, I got about 3 cards all together which is thoroughly disheartening and the same number in presents but I don't expect much any-more!

I've decided its best if I head back to London as it is where I want to go to university if I am absolutely fabulous at my audition! So I will make myself work!

Drama is something that comes naturally to me and turning into different characters is something that comes so easily to me. As I seem to change my appearance every other day, I now have blue/green hair.
Becoming someone else makes me happy as most days I try and forget about my troubles but its easier said than done.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

I spent the day with my boyfriends family and it was nice to see a traditional family in action...
Made me think very hard about mine though!

I'm still not sure about my modern monologue though so if anyone has any suggestions about any recent plays that are excellent give me a buzz!