Sunday, 18 December 2011


Well , the plan went off without a hitch and whilst waiting for my friend I managed to take some interesting pictures of the park lake. (posted in photography)

Whilst at the library we sat to write but instead we read many interesting books, one on solving depression which basically explained that most people in England must be diagnosed with depression because they do not want to get out of bed in the mornings....
Well I think we know what to do about that.
Also whilst I was walking around the library looking for books a homeless guy , who had quite a pungent odour, followed me.. trying to be subtle but did not succeed. Very scary. Obviously harmless but never the less creepy.
I read a number of books , one on depression, photography, Kafka and Shakespeare. Whilst reading about Kafka who was the major influence in one of Steven Berkoff's plays "Metamorphosis" which is a play I studied at AS level , I came to wonder how someone so crazy could be one of the greatest influences in the dramatic world... Then I thought what influence in the artistic world does not have a hint of craziness about them ?
Now I realise I am safe in this artistic world and hopefully one day I will fit in perfectly with the amazing influences.

Anyway , back to my day... I went shopping but was mainly unsuccessful in buying presents for other people...but I managed to buy one which I hope was a good choice... I suppose I'm being lazy in not personalising my presents more, but hopefully I will be able to do this in this last week before "the big day" ha.

I had a few drinks at night that's why this blog has been delayed! This cheered me up and I met loads of old friends during the night!

Lazy day today! Hooray.