Thursday, 30 May 2013

Kensington Gardens

Well I went to Kensington Gardens (again) with my sister and boyfriend on bank holiday Monday.
It was a nice day, but not nice enough, there was still a chill in the air and it was quite windy- but we still braved it and stupidly I wore a dress with a cardigan, I was freezing.

Our main reason for visiting the park was for my little sister to go to the huge princess Diana memorial park, however would you believe there was a queue a mile long just to get into the park! I was shocked and it didn't look like it was going down at all, so we sat opposite on the green and ate our picnic- mine was a Moroccan cous cous salad with chicken pieces (home-made of course)- YUM. My sister was annoyed about not being able to go on the giant play ship surrounded by sand, and secretly so was I...
I do recommend this park to anyone with children as it is fantastic and very safe, they only let children in with their parents and no adults on their own are allowed in. The rest of the park was breathtaking and the lake and fountains were very nice, it is an enormous park and we probably missed out some of it, it was a disappointing day but it was better than being stuck indoors doing nothing !

Google plus decided to make a GIF of me and my sister... (funny right)

Yes I was adjusting my hair...

Tah Dah, that was my day out with my 9 year old sister, unfortunately we haven't had any nice days since then and it has been raining almost everyday ! I hope for nice weather even though I will be working at the weekend.

I will do a blog post soon on mine and my sisters adventure to Westfield's in Stratford, my only purchase was something from MAC cosmetics which I did a review about on my style blog  (linked here).

See you soon!

Sophie Rebecca. xo

Tuesday, 28 May 2013


I thought my blog needed an update,a bit of an OOMPH, so I have re-designed it again!

Just an update for now;

  1. I have currently finished the first year of University, hooray, but now I am extremely bored and need to start all my writing/reading projects.
  2. I have changed my hair colour again, its still a shade of blonde..just a different shade!
  3. I got my tragus pierced as an end of year treat-

4. I am planning to finish my screenplay by the end of the summer (or at least most of it)
5. I am visiting my home town soon, don't know if I am looking forward to it or not as most people I never hear from. But it is mainly for my boyfriend, so I will suffer for him!

I need to get more serious with this blog and my writing in general, but at this moment in time I haven't planned anything or been anywhere exciting so I will get back to you on that one.

Bye for now,

Sophie Rebecca. x

Monday, 13 May 2013


Hello again, it has been ages (again)..

But I feel like it's time for another rant...

Basically I am 20 years old and I frankly lack in friends, the ones I did have were in my home town and ever since I have moved most of them have not kept in touch or barely made an effort, which is kind of understandable.

I have tried my hardest to make friends at my University, and I do have friends there, but I suppose I'm just selfish as I want a good a GREAT friend who will come and see me when I need them, will support me/ moan with me/ shop with me/ party with me, is that really too much to ask ?  Obviously it is.

Well whether I am the most likeable person in the world is a different question entirely, at the moment I have a rather negative outlook on life- I'm hoping for change. But this change never seems to come. I am still living with my mother/sister and boyfriend, which is a terrible situation to be in. But when we tried to move out recently we were met by the challenge of finding a guarantor and frankly no-one would or could be one for me- hooray.

I have lots of essays due which I should be doing right now, but instead I choose to write and moan about my life...oh yeh that's why I have no friends.

Anyway, if you seem to have the same problems or know the secret to making best friends, lemme know!

Bye for now!