Thursday, 15 December 2011

Thursday 15th December 2011

Well , I got off my backside today and went to the local zoo.

I actually enjoyed myself , got to take lots of pictures and had opportunity to get some good old fresh air, which is clearly taken for granted now a days.
But the air in the north of England is so fresh compared to the murky infested city air.

A touch of remorse ran through me as I saw some animals caged, even though I know they are cared for on a daily basis. I suppose I'm lucky to have so much freedom and the will to do as I please.

A smile ran on my face the whole day which is unusual for me now a days. Lots of things to get me down including no money! Which is the worry of most of the population now a days!

But it's Christmas and I want to be able to buy people presents. Even though the commercialism of the Holiday season has blown way out of proportion. I would rather buy people what they need now a days, even though I would love to indulge people in un-needed , wanted gifts.

My mind still dawdles between decisions that need to be made, and tasks that need to be completed, but for now as most people say:    

                                                          " Ignorance is bliss" !

 Happy Holidays!