Monday, 28 May 2012

It has been a while..take 2

As you can see I haven't blogged in some time...

But it means more to write about ? we will see ha.

Where to start...

Well I think the last time I blogged was just before I went back to my home town for a week..
It started with a long coach trip to Preston which took about 6 hours, which wasn't too bad actually seeing as though I get travel sick. Got picked up from Preston by my boyfriends brother.

That night we went for a few drinks with a couple of my boyfriends friends (the ones that aren't total dicks) and had a nice night. Next night involved another night out which started out feeble and ended up being a really good night thanks to some great people! The only thing that let it down was my lack of money at the time. But we managed, just.

My drunk boyfriend  and Ross!

The rest of the week consisted of a trip to Coniston/lots of bad food/Birthday dinners/Visit to my Grandad/Multiple gaming nights/A drive to the coast road and not much else. But overall not as bad as I thought the trip was going to be.

You'd think I would go into more detail, but no...*series of montages*

We drove back to London the following Friday and I was really glad to be going back! My home town has nothing to offer me any more, my Grandad is the only reason I would visit at all. It's so sad but unfortunately its true. When you move to somewhere that has everything including your family and boyfriend what more is needed? Apart from good friends which I lack. But hopefully that will all change when I venture into university world.

As soon as we got back the weather seemed to perk up which cheered me up profusely!
We chilled for the next two days as I work at night until 4am so energy lacks during the days. However one of my boyfriends friends was down in London so we woke up early on the Sunday and went into Camden market.
It was a really nice relaxed day. Had a browse around the market and then grabbed some


from a little place on the corner... they sold that bang bang chicken. Sold it well.
If you've ever been to Camden I'm sure you know what I am on about ha!
Anyway said our goodbyes and were on our way.

Then as the nice weather has progressed I think I've been out everyday!
Just to local places really like; Muswell Hill/Wood Green/Alexander palace

We have been a bit out of the way, the other day we went to Kensington Gardens which was really nice! Never been there before, but it had everything, Fountains/Grass/Trees/Play-park/Cafe. It was a beautiful day out and we took my sister too and I think she had a great time too!

Here's some pics from the day;

The fountains+My sister

Me on a giant ship!

Today however we went to see Men In Black 3!
Really good film, I actually wasn't expecting much, but it was really cleverly done and apparently hurt my boyfriends head because of all the time travelling haha!

On a more personal note I dyed my hair back to a normal colour and it is now dark brown again, hooray.
I don't like my hair blonde I have finally decided.

Getting my shit together, exercise is back and bad food is out, felt so stodgy after that week at my home town. So jogging is back and it feels good!

Getting my tan on, but my skin doesn't seem to like to tan. We will see.

Got a training day for Buckingham Palace which is on the 12th of June, lots of paperwork was sent off for that again...
And my Grade 5 theory is coming up and I need to crack on and practice.

Special mention to this guy;

Nice one Steeley

For making us welcome and wanting to spend his precious time with me and my boyfriend in my home town ;)

Well I want to be writing more again so lets see how long it takes for me to write again!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A busy life

Is what I'm wishing for right now...

I will probably regret this knowing me.
 Having a slow life, not doing anything everyday, I don't know how people cope with it. I know I don't do NOTHING but it's more draining being lazy for me.

It makes you more prone to doing 'the wrong things', like;

  •  Eat because your just bored...It's something to do.
  •  Over think your life's direction and where you think you're going.
  •  Get down over these two things.
  •  Get fatter
  • Worry about money

My theory anyway, I'm sure there are more things.

I've decided what I want to write about, It sounds so sad but I want to write about a dream I had. It had a very deep moral which I have never thought about before.

But being alone all your life and up until you die must be such a horrible feeling, and someone taking the time just to talk to you or give you a smile might make your day and make that horrible loneliness disappear...and might even stop you from giving up on yourself and the world.

I wrote this the other day when I thought humanity might have had hope...
Some still do, but others don't. So much hatred in this world for no reason at all, why? what's calling people names and accusing them of things going to achieve but hurt and embarrassment on both ends.

If you know me personally you will know what I'm talking about, and I am sick to death of the situation. I don't live in my home town any more but that's where the problems seem to lie.
And lets face it, I am so glad I'm out of there and with the person I want to be with. Let them live there small town lives and let there only joy come from insulting other people....

Rant over- for now

Stay tuned for some extracts from the story I'm going to write...eventually!

and however cheesy this sounds-

Do not dwell in the past.