Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Its been a while..

Well, i'm back again ...

I suppose I have a great deal to write about but can I be bothered ? ha

Firstly I did my drama school auditions, got rejected by RADA and waiting to hear from LAMDA and central. I'm not surprised by the outcome and will not be surprised to be rejected by the other two. I have my university spot at Kingston and it looks like that's where I will be heading for a year atleast, then I will re-audition next year for drama school as I will feel more prepared. My auditions didn't go according to plan particularly, RADA I was very nervous and forgot my words, LAMDA was okay didn't forgot anything, and central I only discovered the day before auditioning that there was a set list for classical monologues. So that shit me up good and proper, I managed to learn a classical speech in one night, and performed it, but even that went wrong. So I do not expect immediate entry to any of them!

 Job wise, I have a weekend night job at a local nightclub which keeps me afloat. Also I have been accepted to work at Buckingham Palace in the summer June-October, I am excited about it but also dreading full time work. Got to get back into the routine of getting up everyday. At the moment i'm lazy and thus making me tired all the time.

I am determined yet again to become fit. Going to start with a slight jog 3-4 times a week and obviously healthy eating is back.

My boyfriend has moved down to London and is now living with me and my family. We are looking to move into our own place but money is needed before this can happen.

Confusion set in the other day about what I really want to do with my life. Of course acting is the main route I want to go down, but am I prepared for the constant rejections and uptight people surrounding me on a daily basis? Or do I want a more academic route which involves talent being judged on paper rather than performance...

Everyone says i'm so young, but the fact is I want to start my career now, whatever it is. I want to be learning and constantly involved with acting/singing.

I really want to take my singing back up and practice as much as possible, this could help me a lot in the future being able to sing and act. I think maybe musical theatre might be my route but I choose not the accept it fully yet.

Anyway, I need to write more and so I will, Tomorrow is a brand new day and I will still be writing!

Ciao for now.