Friday, 10 February 2012

Audition for NYT

Well my first audition parading my monologues is soon approaching....

Sunday is the day, excited  and also nervous as i'm sure anybody would be! The thing that effect me and so many other people i'm sure is forgetting my words....
But I like to think i'm good at picking things up fast and hopefully I can make up something if all goes to pot! Shouldn't be promoting that but never mind!

Also my throat is in a terrible way which could effect my whole day but hopefully I can keep it under control for now.

Still having money problems.. looking for a job got interviews as i've said but having no money is  getting me down , simply because applications need to be sent and things need to be set rolling as soon as possible.

I need to find a house for me, my mum , my sister and my boyfriend , in north london , with basically no money , so that is a challenge!

I'm thinking positively still though, that everything will eventually come together and we'll be fine, but you know CHIN UP haha.

I have added a twitter widget to my blogger profile so feel free to follow me.

Goodbye again ,