Monday, 23 April 2012

A state of depression hits again...

I said I would write everyday, but I've realised one there is nothing to write about and two I'm in a state of energy loss and loss of brain functionality...

Uh Oh. 

This is one of the states that is hard to get out of, as there is a viscous circle.
Still trying to eat healthy which is causing some lack of energy..

Anyway, I need to get this 'career' moving. I was recommended to go on an audition technique course because I was rejected from RADA and LAMDA but I am not willing to pay £700 for a 2 week course, however much its going to help my career.
So I found a cheaper version for just one week at Mountview which is a school everyone seems to be raving about to me. So applications next year might have to expand to other schools.
Still £275 but when I hopefully hear from Buckingham Palace that my security check has gone through I will be starting full time work in June.Which will help with the cost of course.
Start saving a bit of money for courses and auditions etc.

I HAVE to start singing again which I still haven't brought myself to do, but hopefully one day I will just want to start again. I hate having to start over, my voice is weak because I haven't used it but if I don't again it won't get any better! CIRCLES !

I need a few amazing monologues that I enjoy reading and I can relate with. Finding it HARD. If you have any suggestions feel free......

 I don't know how people bring themselves to do things everyday on a routine, maybe when you are busy all day, but then you are still tired after your day at work. Who knows.

Well I'm waffling now so I best go and do something productive? Jokes.

Here is a picture that just cheered me up !