Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bad week

As you can tell from the title my week hasn't gone to swell so far...


It's been raining all of the week which is a constant downer, so Monday and Tuesday were dossing  days, Tuesday I decided to get back into my work-out video. Which was an amazing idea at the time and I felt awesome after it.. However, I woke up Wednesday morning in some considerable pain, mostly in my legs ! Not good.

I had also booked a hair appointment for the same day in which I wanted a big change for the summer, I wanted to get rid of the black and go a blonde/brown colour. And so I know I was going to have to pay a lot for this, but I wanted it done right.

Went there, was going smoothly, obviously I had the bright orange stage but they toned it down. I was there for about 3-4 hours. I was hoping for the best as everyone had such a positive attitude saying it was all going so well...
Anyway it got to the point of drying and cutting. The colour looked an okay colour wet. But slowly as it dried it became a straw blonde/ gingery blonde. Had my hair cut shorter again into a bob which I wasn't bothered about, I'm used to short hair. But I was not used to the colour. I then paid the £175 fee and left. At first when I left the salon I was okay with it. But then my boyfriend commented saying it was ginger. That was the first step. Then my sister commented in the morning saying the same thing, and then my mother. I then became overwhelmed with anguish. I started crying and having a fit, I hated the colour so much! How can someone charge £175 for that mess?!

I went into Wood Green and decided I need a toner. I didn't even want to step out the door it was that bad. I got the toner and went straight home. Did the toner and well... it's a little bit better. Little less ginger. But still a horrible colour. So more dye will have to be used tomorrow.

I want to go back to the salon and complain. But all I will get is " we told you it would turn out a different colour" or "It was the best we could do, you did have dark hair.."  I can't be bothered arguing with people, but in the future I will self colour. I don't care what anybody says about 'professional', If I screw my own hair up its free!!

Also my legs still hurt....Boo Hiss.

On the upside I made pizza from scratch this week! Dough and all! It was some tasty shit.

Home-made pizza!

Also went to a local quiz night at o'neills, we didn't do too bad, only because there was a Disney music round which I aced! haha, and we had Eton mess, I thought it was going to be small so I ordered two! 

Eton Mess!
So apart from my hair being destroyed not too bad. But my hair is pretty important to me... as any girls is!

Oh and one more thing, I got rejected by Central School of Speech and Drama finally. So I guess its Kingston university this year! 

More again soon I hope, we will see what goes on, hopefully nicer hair!