Sunday, 29 April 2012

I Ponder

Yet again my mind is drifting in and out of ideas I want to do...

I might set myself some targets of things I'd love to do, and ACTUALLY do them!

1. Go travelling. I don't care where, how, just do it. 
2. Write a novel
3. Get into drama school
4. Get my voice into good shape
5. Get famous/ recognised

Too much to ask? NEVER.

I know it's a great honour to be selected to work at Buckingham Palace over the summer, but that is all my summer gone in a flash. I will be working 9-5 everyday, in retail, which is boring...
The only upside is I can save some money up.

This life thing is such a vicious circle. You work, you save, you work, got no time off to go on holiday/travelling, you're at uni, no time, no money! argh.

Its such a depressing cycle, no wonder 1 in 10 people are depressed. Especially women apparently!

So much to see in the world, but most people spend their lives in England, working, striving for a career which in turn makes them anxious and stressed 24/7. Worrying about money/work. Worrying about the future and where their lives are heading...if anywhere. But hardly anyone makes that change, takes a chance at life. Unfortunately things might not turn out the way you wanted but that is LIFE. Why sit around miserable all your life, go for that top goal! If you fail, you try again...
It's a message I should be telling myself over and over again, but it is hard, it strains every part of your life. Health/financial/loved ones, but it will all be worth it... won't it?

The hardest part of anything will always be the first step, making the change and sticking to it.

Everything now a days is money, its so sad. Money can't buy you happiness? but it can come pretty darn close...

No time to dwell on what could of been, think of what COULD be.

Think of where your life is heading, is it the direction you want? or could you be doing more...
I know I could. And to be fair I really need to start taking my own advice, like most people, they can dish it out but usually don't take it.

Well that's made me feel a little better about things and definitely more positive towards my goals.

First step for you might be to write a blog! It feels like you're doing something to help.

However sad and lonely that sounds.

Just remember...

Nothings impossible.