Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Is it right to criticise? or moan?


A word I have heard a lot recently.

Have I been moaning too much?

Is life really as hard as I make it out to be?

Whatever anybody tells me, however much I annoy people... LIFE IS HARD.

My list of problems currently;
1) No money, literally NO MONEY, I am living off credit.
2) The university I am at is lacking, lacking in passionate teachers, lacking in resources, just lacking.
3) I am lacking motivation- I want to write, but I keep changing my mind on what I want to write!!Arrgghhh!
4) I still live with my mother and sister.
5) These are all holding me back.

But of course I must balance this out with the positives....

1) I have a wonderful boyfriend.
2) I am healthy/alive...(to an extent)
3) I'm not homeless?


Well anyway, looks like I am the moany bugger everyone makes me out to be, but wouldn't you be moaning?

On the upside, I am liking the idea of being the next Tina Fey, writing some fantastic sitcoms or just editing them. I am feeling it combines my acting dream and my writing dream...
But I must get my arse into gearrr!

I suppose feeling sorry for my situation will get me absolutely nowhere...

Back to the 'thesis', I also criticise people a lot, whether we realise it or not we all judge other people. I shouldn't, such things as;

"She has a manly face"
" Eugh that outfit"
"Personally not my taste..." etc.

I suppose that's my womenly side coming out, it doesn't come out often, and I can see why...

Anyway, it has been a while since I blogged and it needed a kick start.
I will be blogging more and maybe posting some ideas up, I would like to know what you think etc.

And if anyone out there ever meets me here is a fair warning that I am a moany miserable so and so !!!


Ciao Ciao!!