Monday, 28 January 2013

It has been...a long time


I know it has been some time since my last blog post on this blog...
My apologies, I have been busy (I swear..) I have created another blog on beauty/fashion along with my other about acting. I had fun designing it! Might have to tweak this one a bit now.

Check it out if you wish (If not just  for the design work) !:

Well I am in my second semester of University, and today was my first day. Didn't go fantastically I must say. Had a International relations lecture with an Canadian man who I couldn't hear and sounded like a robot (you know Steven Hawkins that kind of thing)... Then that was followed by a woman in my seminar who was possibly one of the most boring/wet people I have had the privilege to be taught by. Then the same old English lectures that, I can deal with!!

However, University has improved since my last post about it, I now have friends...I know it's weird, but I must accept I can have social interactions with people now. Real people.
My course is improving slowly, more information, less, well little bits of useless paperwork. However, I already miss my old tutors, I miss the ramblings of my old politics tutor (he was french and old and very passionate about EVERYTHING to do with politics) and my old International Relations tutor, he was passionate too, and liked to discuss! But I still have my old English tutor, I call him Steven Fry 2, he knows everything, and he knows he knows everything. 

I am still looking for a place to live, unsuccessful so far, the only one I rang up about and wanted to view went the day I was going to see it. Bad luck. I have no money, that is a BIG issue when looking at places, after all, I am just a humble student. 

Another thing, I now exercise pretty regularly and have just started Shaun T's beach insanity workout. Insane is definitely what it is. But it makes me feel good when I have achieved the finishing line. I am aiming high, I want a nice toned stomach, some non flabby thighs/arms, is that really too much to ask? If only God had been kinder to me...
HA, like I believe that, I make my own fate, and hopefully I  can change my body shape!!

Erm, what else....

I'm trying my best not to spend money... telling myself I am not allowed to buy myself any new clothes/accessories..It's hard. Little treats cheer me up. But I will strive on and hopefully by the end I will have more money !!

My hair is changing colours was lilac but it washed out...after one day. So it is now blonde, but hopefully that will change AGAIN tomorrow when I use a Lavender hair dye. We will see, it doesn't seem to like my hair. 

I probably have a lot more I could say, but for now I think that may be enough...

Well good night for now, and like I always seem to say... See you soon!



(Maybe not too soon) 

Bye for now!!