Friday, 12 October 2012

University, The start of the journey...

I know it has been some time AGAIN since I have posted but I have honestly been so busy.

Starting uni I naively thought that we would be eased in nice and slowly...get some explanations, expectations of what the tutors want etc.


Clearly that is too much to ask.

Thrown in right at the deep end, asked to complete multiple worksheets, read tons of books and understand every single thing I read in so much depth my head is bound to explode.
As you may know my background is somewhat a mixture of academics and performing arts, mostly focusing recently on acting and performing.
You may also know I decided to change all that and go straight into academics again. I thought I was ready to handle it after a gap year, I thought I was ready for a pile of work and books. In some ways I was right, If I had gone straight from A-level to University I think I would have torn all my hair out by now.

The problem isn't really the worksheets, or even the reading, its having to analyse everything critically, having to know what the authors thinking, or what the difference between liberals views on ideology compared to conservative views.
And the most guidance they give you is; Well what do you think?
I have told you what I think! now help me put it into a comprehensible sentence/thesis/paragraph!

You have to be 10-20 steps ahead of everything that's happening. You need to know what's coming up in 2 weeks time and read LOTS for it.

One last rant, HOW and I mean this in all sincerity HOW do people manage to drink/stay up late/socialise as much as they do AND keep up with coursework/essays? They must be gods.

Anyway, amongst all that hate, I am actually getting used to the demanding work schedule and reading, however I want to get ahead of the game and I am finding that hard.

I think I may just start a literature blog, I think it would help me keep up to date and give some in depth analysis on some of my thoughts.

I am sure I will get into the swing of things soon, but of course being a student other matters are prominent like money/travel/friends?/ food. ha.

Anyway, I will let you all know when my new blog is out etc.

Have a good day! God knows I need some motivation right now ( I have a cold also, not helping)