Sunday, 23 September 2012

Starting University

On the 17th of September I started my journey towards a degree.
It was induction week at Kingston University, got to admit, it was fairly boring.

But during the week I had a long think about what it is I want to do. I love drama, music and the arts. But am I the right person to be taking on a career like this?
No was the conclusion I came too.

I love acting, I love singing and being there in the limelight. But how often will that happen being in that career, thousands maybe millions of people want to pursue a career in acting/singing and I am not ready to be in those thousands. I am not saying I am 'giving up', far from it. When/If my passion comes to the forefront of my life I will go out there and attack any audition I can get. Until then my logic has taken over and I decided to change my degree course entirely...

Instead of Drama and Politics I have decided to go for English Literature and Politics. My love of writing has come at a later age because the pressure has been lifted of NEEDING to write, and it comes to WANTING to write.

I know at degree level the pressure will be back on, and this time tripled in amount but I am up for the challenge!
Saying it now the gap year I took was well needed, I didn't rush into anything and now I have had a look back at myself I know I needed a safety net.

However, whatever your dream is I suggest if you have that passion/drive for the subject or career, for god sake do not waste it and go for it. Even if you think its impossible, in my life time of nearly 20 years if I have learnt anything it is that nothings impossible!

For god sake I'm nothing special and I have sung in English National Opera, been in a TV advert, had multiple retail jobs the most recent being Buckingham Palace, written and review for the Royal Albert Hall and now I am going to university to study English Literature when I didn't even take it at A-level!
I think as the saying goes 'The proof is in the pudding' !

Onto another issue, one of my big worries about starting university was making friends...
As I am not living in halls or near the campus this is going to be a difficult situation for myself.
However, I have met a couple of people in my Politics class that are 'my cup of tea' as people say. They have a high level of intelligence, are that little bit older and respect learning.
Hopefully I can keep up with social aspects as well as learning but I know that will be a challenge.

I am one of those people who acts differently with different company or in different situations. So if people are having fun, I will. If people are studying I will get in that mind set so on and so forth.

Anyway, to wrap things up I can not wait to extend my knowledge of literature and English vocabulary. Maybe one day I will be in the publishing business (here's hoping!)

Like I always say I love opinions and comments..

Leave one!

Ciao for now.