Monday, 6 February 2012


Well feeling ill these last few days has put a downer on my situation again as things were starting to look up!

I have an audition on Sunday for the national youth theatre and I am looking forward to it actually, even though i'm not 100% prepared to say the least....
Also I have a job interview for Buckingham palace which has excited me , just a summer job but it will look good on any CV saying I have worked for the royal family!
Weight loss is another target of mine, i'm feeling groggy and horrid. Partly because of having a terribile headache, blocked nose, cough etc. But also because everytime I seem to be with my boyfriend I eat a load of rubbish! ha.

Anyway I am trying my best to promote this blog and my professional one so if you like this one please go on my new one ;

I will be writing about everything and anything to do with acting.

anyway just a short one to get me back into it once again!