Sunday, 22 January 2012

Positive Thinking

Well the time has come for positive thinking to take place!

I have taken two books out of the library on how to think positively and how to make the right choices in life. Basically telling me what I already knew but it drives the point home.

Got my UCAS letter now i'm just waiting for the universities to get back in touch with me, Fingers crossed and all that jazz. Still waiting to send my RADA and LAMDA applications off but like I said i'm waiting until last minute.

Well being back in London started badly but i'm slowly getting used to it again. Realised its the better place to be again, but i'm hoping to up sticks and leave the family home soon. Big challenge with no money but i'm determined.

Making new friends is the target these next few months. Most of the friendships I had in Barrow have turned sour so a new lease of life and friends is in order! Maybe that will give me a new spring in my step.

I think I will try and find some local drama society or choir and join. I miss the groups.

Anyway apart from having no friends and hating most of my family, life is actually OK! I'm becoming more positive about myself and in the long term if selfish is what I become its what I must become....