Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Back in London

Well after a month and a half I'm back in London city...

I was excited, but getting here to find I no longer have a bedroom, a duvet or a life sort of put a downer on things.
Decided I perhaps NEED to find a job as I am on the bones of my arse money wise at the moment. And this is another factor restricting me from doing things in and around London.
I was hoping that I may have had a few Christmas cards here but I was sadly mistaken. Got one off my Grandad and that's the extent of it.

Anyway enough of the depressing rant, I'm back in London for a reason and that is to get my acting career back on track and hopefully find somewhere to live of my own.

Leaving my current boyfriend in the north was the most difficult task. As my family do not provide much support he is the only one I can count on, which when looked at retrospectively is not the ideal situation. But in the most simple of terms, I miss him.

Hopefully now I have applied for UCAS as well as RADA and LAMDA I will feel safer having a back up plan for the future because things aren't moving fast enough for me.

Anyway its my mothers birthday today and I thought we might have gone out for a meal or something but as usual she has gone off with her friends into the city centre and left me to look after my sister. Personal babysitter.

Well all I can say is I hope this downward spiral shoots upwards at some point.

Goodbye for now.