Thursday, 12 July 2012


Does anyone believe in Karma anymore? Is it just a worldly phenomenon that we get our just deserts or  is it just coincidence that what goes around comes around?

The fact is that is what I've been asking myself today.

I am a very opinionated person and sometimes that conflicts with others especially those who lack outside views on the world. I can also just be hated by people for being myself.
I suppose this is bound to happen in my lifetime. Some people were born to make friends and keep them. I on the other-hand have a couple of friends I keep in touch with but I would not say I have those people that have stuck around.
Which is quite a sad thing to admit to yourself...

I have realised that I am who I am, even if that's someone who is still learning/growing which is what everyone is doing.

I don't like being hated or disliked for no reason, because the fact being is that is in fact a childish thing to do.
I've learnt over my lifetime not to do, although it is hard not to judge people I try and accept everyone that is nice to me. If not then that is a reason to dislike. But hatred is such a strong word. I must say I don't think I hate anyone even if I use the word.

Well, today I have decided to be the bigger person and this is my pact:

I am going to apologise to everyone who I have done a wrong too. Even if they perhaps have been as horrible if not more horrible to me. I am going to make a mends with people. If those people let me.
If not I will still be the bigger/more mature person and in the end that is something to be proud of.

But in the end I know my destiny in life might not be to make friends.
It might lead to a life of acquaintances but that is something I will have to accept.

In the end, how sad it is to admit.
I like being alone. I've grown accustom to it. 

But having that one person by your side who is your boyfriend/best friend helps.

Anyway, moral of the blog...

I'm going to apologise/make amends/be the mature person.

Wish me luck.