Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Journey to the past

Well last week I journeyed to the past... not literally of course, that would be ...weird and impossible (for now).

I went back to my home town Barrow-in-Furness for 9 days, mainly for my boyfriend, he had family and friends celebrating their birthdays!

We arrived on the 15th of June at about 3:30pm, travelled by train which is a first for us as we usually have a car. But the journey was so fast and easy, would definitely do it again in a flash!


That night was my boyfriend's dads and sisters joint party, his dad turning the big 50 and his sister the big 18!
We arrived just after it had started, there were a lot of people at the event and Damo went off to be re united with his family. If you have ever been to a partners family event you will know it is pretty awkward, and it was for me. You know that they are wanting to see your partner, not you, and you just feel... out of place. Do not get me wrong, the party was lovely and it was nice to see people but, well, like I said... Maybe it was the fact I've been socially distant for so long, who knows. 

This is what I wore to the event, and let me tell you it took a while to find the whole outfit!! (Woman issues)

I felt nice for once, I hope I looked it!!

The next day we met up with one of Damien's old friends and had a drive to the coast road in Barrow-in-Furness. It was nice, I think he really misses having company (a man's company) which is one void I can not fill. 

The rest of the trip consisted of visiting family and friends, celebrating birthdays and a lot of eating and drinking! I will let pictures describe the rest: 

Trip to Windermere

The Final night out

This was our final night out which was supposed to be a celebration for a friends birthday, but they weren't here at the time...

Anyway, I had a lovely night seeing people I haven't seen in a while including one of my closest friends in these pictures here! >> 

A list of things we did:

  • Went to Windermere (and ate carvery and ice-cream)
  • Had a meal at 'The Brown Cow' (Massive meals)
  • Met up with numerous old friends
  • Beat all of Damien's friends at Lazerzone
  • Watched Despicable me 2 (Amazing film)
  • Had lots of alcohol
  • Visited my Grandad
  • And much much more...

Such a good film!

As a round up I had a really nice time for once, I saw a lot of people I missed; a few mentions to people I met up with, Luke Fisher (One of my closest friends) we had a lovely, yet tiring walk around Barrow. Hannah Wheeler and Yasmin Phillips, had a drink with Hannah and met up with Yasmin later on, that was a lovely day, so nice to see you!! Ruth, lovely to see you glad you came out with us :),  And of course all of Damien's friends for being there for him and for me, of course a special shout out to Michael Steele for being a personal taxi for us whilst we were there and being the last one to see us off on the train ! Thank you everyone! (Sorry if I missed anybody)

Well that was my trip to my home town, it was a nice break but I am glad to be back in good old London, I missed the sushi and frozen yoghurt if I'm honest...hahaha! Bye for now!

Sophie Rebecca xo