Friday, 24 August 2012

A London endeavour

As I had a couple of days off from work I decided not to sit around as I usually do but do something.
Also the fact it was mine and my boyfriends anniversary kind of helped(1 year).

On Wednesday night (the night of our anniversary) we decided, despite having no money to go out somewhere nice. We went to a Mexican restaurant in Leicester square called Chiquitos, it was amazing!
The atmosphere was lovely and the choice on the menu spectacular!
We received free nachos to begin with and came just in time for the weekday happy hour on cocktails which meant they were all £3.50 hooray!
The array of traditional Mexican cuisine was so much, I decided to go for the traditional fajitas BUT with two types of sauce on the chicken. I had a sticky BBQ one and one named Louisiana hot.
It came on a sizzling plate with mini fajita wraps and loads of little extras including cheese/lettuce/sour cream/salsa/guacamole, just amazing!
Highly recommended.
My boyfriend decided to take a picture of me whilst enjoy them...

yum yum fajitas!

After the restaurant we headed to the Ben&Jerry's shop (for my benefit of course) and there I decided on an ice cream milkshake, any Ben&Jerry icecream flavour in a I went for my favourite choice of phish food. SO NICE. So creamy and a little bit sickly but worth the money I paid.
My boyfriend
And then we decided to be tourists for a bit.

But not for very long you'll be pleased to know,we headed home for the night.

London Zoo

The next day I woke up wanting to do something exciting, but we all know that costs money. But you don't get many opportunities to have a nice day out so we went to London zoo for the day.
Started out as a lovely day nice weather and an elated mood to match, we booked out tickets only £20 each, which I think isn't too pricey!
Got 2 buses to the zoo and started our tour.
The venue is MASSIVE we were lost straight away.
Penguins were what we spotted first luckily this made me happy, such delightful birds. And they were darting about in the water.
As we continued we found it hard to find anything and this got tiring and eventually we were exhausted. We saw just about everything, my favourite being the bats!
And they have an aquarium built in with the zoo so extra value right there.
I will upload pictures to my blog google+ account if you want to see more but here are a few pics I managed to take on my phone.

Upside down jellyfish


Moon Jellyfish

A bird that tried to attack Damo!

Dragon fish

Look fishes!


All in all a good day and totally worth the money, the only thing I disliked was the amount of children moaning and banging into me!
They just have no manners/awareness. 

Anyway I hope you enjoyed my recent endeavours and I am sure I will have some more opinions about life to share soon! 

Bye for now!